Sunday, June 23, 2013

Raw hygienist chef formation course

Have you ever wanted to learn the raw food culinary but thought it was too difficult? Are you demotivated to spend hours to make only one raw food dish? Discredited of the real "raw food diet" because most of the recipes use processed foods that comes in bottles, cans or packages? So our new Raw hygienist culinary formation course is exactly what you're looking for.
Aim: Teach newbies and experienced raw fooders all the details of the preparation of gourmet, elaborated dishes but that still within the real healthy hygienist parameters. Even though you dont want to be a real raw food chef or work in the area, learning how to "cook" will help you, your family, your loved ones to delight yourselfs with natural foods in a more tasty and easy way to adopt a healthy raw food diet.

With this course, you'll learn how to make dishes from different kinds of culinary ethnicities, from sweet to savory, with an amazing presentation, and the best of all, using only the true and most healthy foods in the planet earth. The fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, without any use of fire, sprouting or hours in a dehydrator.

Schedule: We'll have a busy schedule, with two culinary classes per day, in average 2 hours per each one of them. Yoga in the morning, videos, nutrition quizzes, videos, food combining class, logistic, armazenamento and also the training of our future chefs not just by watching, but by preparing several course meals for the whole class.

You'll learn:

* The best tools for a raw chef and how to use them.

* Preparation of gourmet dishes and more simple day to day meals

* How to buy, store, and ripen fruit, and also when the food is perfectly ripe to make your recipe taste the best.
* How to make simple foods into gastronomical delights with a gourmet look.
* Learn how to reproduce the appearance and taste of the usual cooked food dishes, but in a raw and healthy format.

When you complete the course, you'll be able to prepare different raw gastronomic delishes and also receive a conclusion certificate. 

Culinary courses that will be taught: 

Italian Recipes (Lasagna and Canelloni)  

Oriental recipes (Raw vegan Sushi, Temaki, Frushi - sweet sushi and sashimi)

Pies (module 1 & 2)

Ice-cream, popsicles and milk-shakes (module 1 e 2)

Truffles, easter egg and cereal bars 

Fondue (Sweet and salty)

Crepes (Sweet or salty)

Spaghetti, pastas, cheeses and sauces


Cupcakes and desserts


Raw food party

All of these recipes are Low-fat Raw vegan. That is, they use primarially fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and they don't use oils, salt, shoyu or sprouted grains.

Lecturer: Eduardo Corassa is an author, lecturer, and consultant specialized in Raw Veganism. A nutrition student and specialized in Natural Hygiene by the University of Natural Health, studied with the world famous Dr. Douglas Graham. For more than 6 years and a half lives in a exclusively raw diet composed of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Place: Araruama – Rio de Janeiro (RJ) / Rua Duarte da costa Bairro 15 de novembro

Date: 20 to 26, january 2014 (Beginning on monday morning and ending at sunday night). One week duration.

Daily Schedule

08:00 – Yoga

09:00 - Break-fast
10:00 – Culinary Class

12:00 – Lunch

13:00 – Vídeo / Debates / Games

14:00 – Culinary Class

16:00 -  Physical exercise / Free time / Dinner preparation 

18:00 - Dinner

19:00 – Curfew / Chatting and review of the day's learning

Tuition / enroll: 1000 reais (500 dollars in average) (Includes 14 culinary classes and degustation of each, 1 logistic, storing and chosing fruit class, 1 food combining class, break-fast, lunch and dinner / Not included - Lodging and transportation to the place).

To register for the event: 1/3 of the tuition fee until november 20. After that, only the full tuition fee guarantee your spot. However, if you want to guarantee your spot, we suggest a signal of 1/3 of the tuition fee the sooner as possible, because the culinary courses usually sell out pretty fast.

To cancel the register: Until 30 of november, reimbursement of the full price. After that, reimbursement of only 70% of the price.

Can be payed in instalments in behalf of

Deposit in behalf of:

Eduardo Corassa

Conta Poupança 10002338  
Agência 6518-8

Agência 7345
Conta 05723-1/500

CPF: 106.468.277-40

Limited spots, guarantee yours the sooner as possible:

Minimal amount of participants: 06 

Maximum amount of participants: 15

Monday, June 3, 2013

Raw&Frugal Culinary Classes

The new culinary classes that will eventually become books in a near future.

All within Natural Hygiene guildelines. I hope you enjoy and leave your comments there! Spread the word that a fruit based diet can be Gourmet!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Raw Frugality recipe book video introduction

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned to the release of the book, by subscribing to our mailletter!