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Eduardo Corassa, 28 years old, a raw food and Natural Hygiene consultant, a nutrition student at Veiga de Almeida University. Eating a raw frugivore diet (fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds) for almost 6 years, he promotes  the benefits of this diet, through lectures, consultations and books. 

Suffering from severe health problems, he tried every way in common use, but without success. Becoming a self-taught and applying empiricism to everything he studies, simply discerning the literature with common sense, he managed to totally heal himself and experience a level of health above any parameter that he tought was possible. Because of this, he promised himself to propagate all the knowledge he obtained, through the study of all the world main authorities in health and nutrition.

He internshiped with the world famous hygienist, Dr. Douglas N. Graham, in his Fasting retreat in Costa Rica. There, he learned about raw food nutrition and culinary, fasting and Natural Hygiene. Graduated as a Certified Practicioner in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition, by the University of Natural Health, one of the only Natural Hygiene Courses available in the world. His biggest motivation is to aid people in how to adopt a healthy raw food diet and Hygienic lifestyle, through a holistic approach based on Natural Hygiene principles.

Graduated in Languages and specialized in translations, he has translated to his mother language, the book The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham, with the aim of sharing with more people the marvelous information about a raw food/frugivore diet. .

He believes vehemently in Dr. Graham teachings and in one of his quotes that says: “Your health is definitively your greates wealth".

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